Flat Water Kayaking

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Flat Water Kayaking Classes and Outings are held on a regular basis from April through October.
We mostly kayak in Sit on Top "Ocean Brand" Flat Water Kayaks along with some other kayaks ranging in length from 6 - 13 feet. The Great Salt Lake, Jordan River, and Little Dell Reservoir are some of our favorite local spots. On our camping/hiking trips we'll kayak at Tony Grove, Bear Lake, Fish Lake, Mirror Lake, Lake Powell, etc. Kayak fee: $12/hour - includes kayak, paddle, and PFD (life jacket). If you haven't taken my Kayak Class, I'll quickly run you through some drills to make sure you know what you're doing. Small Group/Private Lessons are $20/hour on the lake. I need help loading and unloading the kayaks on and off of my car before and after kayaking. A regular 60 minute kayaking outing includes basic instruction, a chance to try out different types of kayaks, paddles, PFD, transporting the kayak to water and a photo shots. This is a super easy, quick, fun sport to get hooked on!

We meet at my home before kayaking. (Holladay Area- Approx. 5060 South 3000 E, SLC). Everyone helps with loading kayaks/gear. Learn valuable skills in securing kayaks onto a car. Same thing is expected before we leave the lake/river, everyone loads the kayaks and gear, comes back to my home and unloads all kayaks/gear until it's put away. Plan to carpool to the lake/river from my home. This is part of the kayaking experience and goes very quickly when everyone helps.

Cost $12/person for 1 hour on the water.
I provide a variety of flat and white water kayaks for you to try out. I also provide life jackets, paddles and kayaking instruction, as needed. You are required to sign a waiver before entering the water. If you are new and have not taken a Kayaking Class from me or been kayaking with me before, you will need to quickly pass off a few basic kayaking requirements in the water before taking off on your own.

Everyone will be learning and passing off these skills during this class:

Getting in and out of a kayak. Paddling: turning and going in reverse. What to do if you fall out of your kayak. Laying down in a kayak. Stopping your kayak. Eating lunch in your kayak.

Water safety rules you'll be required to know and apply. Why you need to wear a life jacket. How and wear to find a life jacket that fits you best. What to wear when kayaking. What to bring with you.
How to find a kayak that is best for you. Where to buy/rent a kayak on your own. What to look for in kayaking gear and what is essential. How to secure a kayak on your car. My favorite nearby kayaking destinations: lakes, rivers, reservoirs. Difference between Flat Water and White Water Kayaking. Different types of Flat Water Kayaks (short, long, 2 person, 1 person, wide, narrow, etc.) When you kayak w/ me you get to test out several different kinds.

Carrying a kayak to the water. Training on and off of the water. Exercises to do at home to strengthen your body. Dates and times we kayak during the spring/summer. What is expected of you when you kayak with me.