Zipfy Riding

I keep plenty in stock year round so buy some from me today! $40/each Zipfys make FANTASTIC gifts! More photos/details: http://activityofthemonth.blogspot.com/

Zipfy Riding is the easiest, safest, exhilarating downhill sport....ever! I have plenty of Zipfy's in stock to purchase for $40/each. Five vibrant colors to choose from. Great for all ages. Join us at our Zipfy Parties this winter!


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Maui - Adventure Travel - October 2009

Hiking the Wasatch

Register here for year round hiking. We hike EVERY week of the year - at least 3 times a week! http://crazysheryl.com/year_round_hiking_payment.htm

Meet a lot of fun active outdoor enthusiasts! Generally, we hike or snowshoe (depending on the season) every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning for approx. 3 hours. Join us for the full time or come for just a little while if you prefer. If you are new, ease into this sport so you'll stay with it a long time. If you push yourself too fast, too soon, you'll burn out and won't come often. You will love it if you take some time earning your "hiking legs." Adults of all ages and abilities are invited. If you have someone younger that you’d like to bring with you, just email me first and let me know what the circumstances are. Some trails/canyons allow dogs. Some don't. Check with me first before bringing a pet or a child. Cost: $35 for 15 snowshoeing/hiking outings of YOUR choice. When you pay, you’ll receive a Punchcard, good for 15 outings. For our detailed Calendar of Local Hikes go to: http://crazysherylsgroup.blogspot.com/


Click here to register for ANY of our incredible 4 day/3 night Camping Trips!

Some of us do a lot of hiking while we are on the camping trips but it's not required and many choose to relax. No matter what you want to do on the campout, join us on our 4 day/3 night Utah Camping Trips for only $75/person, held nearly every month from February through October, each year! See photos of recent trips, what we eat, where we go, what we do, what to bring, who's invited, etc. at http://crazysheryl-adventuretrips.blogspot.com/


Slacklining - A great way to improve balance and coordination, no matter how old you are.
I was introduced to slacklining at the Summer Outdoor Retail Show in SLC. Since I hike a lot, I often see hikers on the mountain who don't seem to have much confidence with their balance and coordination. I want to help them along with people who just love having fun balancing on odd objects.

I have a slackline in my backyard and offer classes on it during the spring, summer and fall. The more you're on it, the better you become. In this photo, the girl isn't using poles to help balance. We use ski poles to help us balance. It's off the ground about 18 inches so if you do fall off, it's not far.

Slacklining with music is the best. We all take turns walking the line. You wouldn't think it's a great workout but it is! It's fun to participate OR just fun to watch others walk the slackline.

To be part of this group or if you want to purchase a slackline, contact me. I sell them for $80.

Instructor: Sheryl McGlochlin

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